Improve the visibility of your events and concerts with a tailor-made LED screen

June 4, 2014

Permiten ofrecer también información adicional o mostrar la interacción en redes sociales

One of the main problems for organisers of large concerts or other mass events is undoubtedly guaranteeing the visibility for the public. Often, when the event is carried out in large closed premises, the solution is simple, as the infrastructures that have already been installed in the concert hall, sports pavilion or wherever else we are can be used.

We are referring, of course, to the use of large LED screens, a technology whose presence in this type of building is becoming greater, as they are useful tools to facilitate communication (and even interaction) in real time.

On the contrary, open air events do not have this previous infrastructure, although the use of these LED screens in them is equally noteworthy. They enable you to advance another step in the communication of your event or concert, improving the connection with your public and even offering them an added value.

How? Apart from broadcasting live events and improving their visual coverage among the attending public, on the Mondo LED screens you can also include extra information, advertising or even update them with the more recent interactions in your social media. You set the limit!