IKEA solves the equation: the Mondo LED screen already shines in Valencia

June 12, 2014

Se trata de la más grande colocada por Mondo hasta el momento

Uncover the X: If we add up 281 trillion colours in HD+v, more than 90 square metres of graphic surface, a height of 6 metres and width of 15, what do we get? Infinite marketing solutions thanks to the possibilities offered by Mondo LED screens. The empirical evidence is in the new shop that IKEA, the Swedish multinational, will open in Alfafar (Valencia) on 17 June. The enormous LED screen, the largest ever built by Mondo until now, was finally installed, on schedule, at the end of May.

A study prepared by the Universitat de València estimated that 2.4 million people will visit the new IKEA shop every year, which will attract consumers from Teruel, Cuenca, Albacete and Tarragona. Faced with such a capacity for attraction, the Mondo LED screen proves to be an ideal tool for the marketing and communication of the establishment.

The advantages offered compared with traditional supports are clear. LED screens provide an immediacy that traditional methods, such as awnings cannot. The latter require the messages to be prepared in advance and they also depend on the manufacturing and assembly time. Their versatility also enables them to show different contents on one same day, being able to adapt them to the specific needs of the establishment depending on the hour of the day. More advantages? They permit interacting with the public, communicating promotions, launching messages…

The Mondo LED screens also permit projecting contents in a great variety of formats and creating compositions, programming times and dates, as well as inserting subtitles and texts into already recorded videos. As their configuration is modular, they can be constructed in any size and resolution, and they can be transformed into different sizes.