Emblematic urban spaces with LED screens

July 3, 2014

Las pantallas LED se han convertido en el reclamo de los centros neurálgicos de grandes ciudades como Londres, Nueva York o Tokio.

If anyone were to name Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, the first thing to come to mind would be a night scene full of light and colour thanks to LED screens. The same thing happens with Shibuya, the district with the most iconic streets of Tokyo. Three large spaces in three large cities with something in common, light at night. Until not so long ago, this night light was provided by hundreds of neon adverts that lit up and attracted millions of visitors. Many of these adverts became icons of these urban spaces.

With the arrival of the LED, the majority of the neon signs passed on to a better life and were replaced with this more versatile and economical technology. Even so, despite being more dynamic and attractive, they were only really illuminated adverts. The next step was to take the leap to the large format LED screens, thanks to the technological improvement in the image quality, achieving great resolution both during the day and night.

The facades of buildings in these three large urban spaces have been covered with giant LED screens of endless sizes and shapes. Thanks to their enormous versatility, the screens are something more than a publicity support, which is what the neon signs were. They permit publishing adverts that go beyond the simple illuminated logotype; they can be advertising spots just like the ones that can be seen on a domestic television, information in real-time or specifically created video montages to be broadcast on the screen is.

The possibility of using curvilinear LED screens (concave or convex) has also meant that the shapes of the facades of the most emblematic buildings of these spaces have not been an impediment to installing any size or layout of LED screens.

Piccadilly Circus, Times Square or Shibuya are three clear examples of how LED screens can be something more than an advertising support. They can also be decorated, providing them with personality, offering the possibility of interacting with passers-by and drawing their attention, giving information in real-time and even becoming an icon that makes these places recognisable all over the world.

At Mondo, we are aware of this great potential and therefore we offer a wide range of LED screens adapted to the facades of buildings, in many different sizes and with the possibility of configuring them according to the shape of the space.